15 Minutes. Hell to the YES!

Bike race

Today……today I win. Because today I rode for 15 minutes on a proper bike.

Not in a gym, on a PROPER bike, in a proper park. So I frakking WIN.

Now, some people they might think, “So what? I go for hours on my bike! 15 minutes is like a trip to the shops and back, that’s nothing.” Ah, but that is for you. 15 minutes for me is a massive milestone.

I have not been able to ride a ride (or rather, I have been too scared to ride a bike) for, ooo, getting on for 10 years now.  But a while back my friend Rob was kind enough to give me a very good bike that he was no longer using so that I could possibly, maybe if I was feeling brave enough, give it a go.


Now although I say 15 minutes, that doesn’t include the 40 minutes it took me to find my bike helmet. That means I had to search through our Harry Potter cupboard which contains everything under the sun (I truly am my Gandfather’s Granddaughter) and then another 20 minutes trying to work out how to adjust said helmet, work out I’ve got it on backwards and then readjust it again.

Then the 20 minutes I had to wait because the sky decided it hadn’t taken a whiz in a long while and pissed down like crazy. I could practically hear the clouds making that satisfied “ahhhhhhhh” sound.

Then the 10 minute walk to the park. Yes of course I walked to the park! If I haven’t ridden a bike in 10 years and I’m not sure my legs are going to do the thing they are supposed to be doing then driving on the road would not have been the brightest of ideas.

But I did it. I did it I did it I did it and I am so proud of myself.

And do you know what? I can’t wait to go and try it again.  I’ve been trying to do this thing for such a long time and I think the thing that finally gave me that push was my Grandad’s funeral on Thursday. It’s okay’s this isn’t going to get morbid, my Grandad was a fantastic man who liked to hoard things (as already mentioned) but he was also the man who finally let go of my bike after I’d had the stabilisers removed. Yep, I fell off when I realised he’d let go, everybody falls off and yes, he let go even though he said that he wouldn’t but somehow I still trusted him to hold on to that bike one more time and help me start riding.

I think it was talking about that on Thursday that made me finally get off my arse and on to my bike.

It’s a good job the park wasn’t too full, there weren’t too many people to see me cycling round and round in a sports helmet (Which was the only one they had a Tesco and I wanted to use my clubcard points) looking like a right numpty.

So achievement unlocked! *air punch*

Okay, so my limbs hurt and I’m kind of shaking all over but it’s a great step.

Warm and slightly sweaty feelings




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