The living dead blog and medieval battles

image┬áRumours of this blog’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

So I have decided to resurrect this lovely blog. Not that I intended it to die in the first place, time just….. Got away from me.

So at the moment you can find me trying to work for myself. Yep, freelance drama tutor, team building and Ann Summers party planner. Recent experience has taught me that Fibromyzombies is not compatible with a standard job with standard hours and standard folk who just don’t get the “yes, I know I don’t look ill but trust me, I am.”

It’s a bit of a struggle at the moment, getting a business up together from scratch is a lot of work and I’m probably working harder now that I’m self employed and earning nothing than I did in an office. But I’m looking after myself properly, I’m doing my relaxation techniques (everyone cross your legs and go Ommm) and my yoga (downward facing Yorkshire terrier). I’ve even started doing the juicing thing….don’t run away from me! It’s really good for my IBS and I really do think it’s having a positive effect on my energy levels.

I’ve just been on a five week course on Living with Fibromyalgia and CFS run by fisher price…..I mean the NHS Let’s Talk program. If you get a chance to do it pickle, go for it. Honestly, this stuff is so helpful and I feel like top of the class because I did the pilot phone scheme. They took my moaning about the fisher price guide not being appropriate and turned it in to something that can actually help folks like little old me.

I am a bit zombied up at the moment but I’m trying not to let it get me down. Had an awesome time walking round the Tewksbury Medieval Festival, although the leggys were rather complainy, I just told them to be happy they weren’t having to walk around in full armour in the scorching heat.
There was a reenactor who was obviously suffering from heat exhaustion and the paramedics were trying to sort him out when one of them declared “Ahh! I don’t know how to take off armour!” At which point a peasant handed his dog to the person next to him and got stuck in. I’m not being insulting by the way, he was actually dressed as a medieval peasant.
I hope that paramedic now knows the appropriate way to dis-amour a medieval knight, just in case he finds himself in some sexy games of thrones type situation.

I could have spent sooooooo much money if I’d had any.
I also kept bumping in to lovely people that I know, and even a couple of people who seemed to know who I was but I hadn’t the foggiest who they were. They were very nice though. I was going to blame my lack of knowledge on fibro fog but the fact that I still haven’t worked it out probably means that I am just a bit rubbish at recognising people when they aren’t wearing the clothes they normally wear.
Did you know that Brad Pitt is face blind? I shit ye not, go forth and google.

Quivers and bracers